Renna’s first love was researching and writing about rare and historical jewels. Following her academic qualifications, Renna gained practical experience as a member of the Sotheby’s Jewelry Team.  The team is responsible for evaluating thousands of vintage and signed jewels each year and creating numerous auctions and selling exhibitions worldwide.   It was here that Renna honed her discerning eye for exceptional pieces of timeless and significant jewelry.

For the first time, Renna opens the door to her vault to provide exclusive access to unique pieces from the worlds most iconic jewelry designers.  These jewels have been collected over the years through her adventures in jewelry. Curated by Renna provides a rare opportunity for buyers to purchase magnificent, one-of-a-kind jewels.

If you are searching for a specific style or designer not featured in our curation, please contact Renna who will dedicate time to sourcing individual pieces for select private buyers: