We think differently about jewels.

Jewelry roots us to our past, our present, our future. Without a doubt, finding the right jewel gives us strength and purpose.

We believe in jewelry that spans generations.

Our unique jewels connect with the captivating nuances of land and sea that inspire our lives. We are transparent in minimizing our impact on the natural world and dedicated to giving back to youth in need.


Recycled Gold

We use 100% recycled 18-karat gold and create each of our pieces by hand in New York City.  Read more about our recycling process on our FAQ page.

We minimize our carbon footprint by creating our jewels locally in New York City. 

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From sketch to reality

We are incredibly proud to handcraft each of our jewels in our New York City workshop.  The dedicated and skilled local craftspeople bring our thoughtful and environmentally conscious pieces to life.

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