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Shipping & Returns

What is the Shipping Policy?

We ship all orders fully insured via UPS Parcel Pro Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air, depending on your selection at checkout.  UPS requires the signature of an adult upon arrival.  Should you prefer a different delivery method or would like us to remove the signature requirement, kindly e-mail us at so that we may update your shipping preferences.

Do you ship overseas?

Absolutely!  We ship fully insured via UPS Parcel Pro.  If you prefer we ship with another carrier, please contact us to confirm your preference.  Please note that additional VAT or customs clearance fees may apply.  

How long will it take to get my order?

Upon receipt of your order, a member of our team reach out to you with an estimated time of delivery.  Pieces not in stock take approximately 4-6 weeks to be handcrafted in our New York City workshop.  If your item is in stock, your order will be processed within 7 days.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We ship via UPS Parcel Pro.

Sustainability & Traceability

What is Recycled Gold?

Precious metals can be recycled.  Gold is used in a plethora of items.  These gold items can be melted down, the impurities are removed and returned to 24-karat gold which is the purest form of gold.  From there we can create any karat of gold, we work in 18-karat gold.  We work with a US based company that does the whole process, from start to finish, in-house.  Before we purchase the gold, it is certified by an independent lab for purity.

What is the Muzo Emerald mine?

Located in the Boyacá region of Colombia, the Muzo emerald mine employs more than 1000 locals and has contributed significantly to the area's economic growth.  The company has modernized mining practices to ensure the health and safety of the community workers and to preserve the local environment.   Through The Muzo Foundation - an organization dedicated entirely to its CSR initiatives - Muzo has built a local canteen and opened up free health clinics.

What is the Zimbaqua Aquamarine mine?

Zimbaqua is the first sustainable all women’s mine in Africa.  The mine’s mission is to empower women in rural communities through mining.  Employment opportunities for women in rural areas Zimbabwe are scarce.  The mine has chosen to empower these women, many of whom are single mothers, by providing them with jobs and opportunities to imporove their standard of living.  The mine works closely with community leaders in order to prioritize the education and well-being of local children.  The mine proudly represents transparency, responsibility and traceability as this is the future of responsible gem mining. 

Where are your diamonds sourced?

The majority of our diamonds are mined in Canada and cut in Antwerp.  We receive our diamonds directly from a vertically integrated supplier that takes ownership of the process from the mine to our hands.  When sourcing a unique or rare diamonds, we work with a trusted network of suppliers.  We are a member of the Rapaport Diamond Trading Network.


Tell me about your cleaning process.

Prior to shipment, each piece is cleaned thoroughly in a number of ways.  Initially, each piece is cleaned by a professional grade ultrasonic cleaner.  Next, we steam clean the piece.  We then sanitize the jewel using ultraviolet light.  Finally, we wipe each piece with an alcohol pad containing at least 75% alcohol.  

Please note that any items containing emeralds, opals or pearls are excepted from the ultrasonic cleaner as the stones are too delicate to withstand this process.


What is Klarna?

Klarna is a global payments provider that works with retailers to give customers the smoothest online shopping experience by providing unique payment options and superior customer experience. Klarna has 2,500 employees around the world and is leading the way for alternative payments by serving 70 million consumers and 170,000 merchants. Learn more.

How do I pay in 2 interest-free installments?

Select 2 interest-free installments to split your purchase into equal payments, charged automatically every two weeks beginning at the time your order is confirmed (usually the shipment date). No bills are sent - you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your purchase. View complete terms.

How do I pay later in 30 days?

If you’re eligible to pay later in 30 days, you can try your order before you buy it. No upfront payment is due and your order will be shipped as normal. Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive an email with instructions to pay.

Is there a fee to pay later in 30 days or in 2 interest-free installments?

There are no upfront fees or interest when you pay in 30 days or in installments through Klarna.

What is monthly financing through Klarna?

Monthly financing is available when you choose to open an account with Klarna at the time of checkout. This affordable and highly flexible open-end line of credit is issued by WebBank in partnership with Klarna, and it allows you to pay for your purchases over time and can be used anywhere in the Klarna merchant network. View complete terms.

Will this affect my credit score?

When you choose to Pay later in 30 days or in 4 interest-free installments, Klarna may perform a soft credit check. This type of credit check will not impact your credit score.

Monthly financing applications will take credit score and credit history into consideration when determining if the application is approved.

How can I reach Klarna?

You can reach Klarna anytime at  


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