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Zoom Tawaret- Rhodochrosite and Garnet
Zoom Tawaret- Rhodochrosite and Garnet
Zoom Tawaret- Rhodochrosite and Garnet
Zoom Tawaret- Rhodochrosite and Garnet
Zoom Tawaret- Rhodochrosite and Garnet
Zoom Tawaret- Rhodochrosite and Garnet

Tawaret- Rhodochrosite and Garnet


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Rhodochrosite/Garnet- emotional healing and self-love (rhodochrosite)/stability and grounding (garnet)


The story of Tawaret:

I first encountered an idol of the ancient Egyptian deity Tawaret in 2013 while working at Sotheby’s in the jewelry department.  Her energy immediately captivated me when she set foot on my desk.  I put a bid in on her, and lo and behold, she has been with me ever since.  

My paternal grandmother is Egyptian, so I have always been captivated by ancient Egyptian history.

Jump forward to 2023; I have a dear friend who is a robust and mighty mother. A guardian and a source of deep comfort for her family.  She came to me last year to request a custom piece, and I immediately said, “Have you heard of Tawaret?”  And the rest is history.  She has graciously allowed us to release her into our permanent collection because we know so many of you will treasure her power, meaning, and energy.

The image of Tawaret first emerged in the Early Dynastic Period (3000 BCE).  The Nile River was a meeting place and lifeblood for Hippopotamuses, a water source yet also a symbol of life.  The Nile River was crucial to agriculture and the survival of the Egyptian people.  It was noted that the female hippopotamus is fiercely protective of her young.  It was during this period that protective hippopotamus pendants first emerged.  

At once tenacious and reassuring, she is often depicted with the head of a hippopotamus, the tail of a crocodile, the legs and paws of a lion, and with a fertile form.  As a goddess of childbirth, Tawaret was believed to protect both the mother and the newborn from harm. She was also thought to assist with conception and to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Her powerful appearance is thought to instill fear in evil spirits.  Historically, women have worn amulets in her likeness during childbirth as they symbolize motherhood and fertility and are also integral to the safe passage of life.

We’ve reverse-set the diamonds in her paws to signify her protective power and adorned her with diamonds throughout.  Her belly is not hollow but of solid gold to symbolize fertility.  We’ve chosen powerful vibrational stones for you to choose from so she can take on her power in your possession.  The pendant bale is also a discreet evil eye lined with enamel.  Wear or keep her next to your bed in her handmade velvet box.

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Tawaret- Rhodochrosite and Garnet


Our Values

We believe

In the communicative and emotional power of jewelry.  We are aiming to become the pre-eminant sustainable jewelryhouse of the modern era.  We create jewelry that is unique and feels distinctly and purposefully yours.

Giving Back

We are proud to partner with Free Arts NYC, a local non-profit that provides art and mentoring programs to youth living in underserved communities. Now more than ever, access to the healthy escape art-making provides is crucial for children to remain resilient and stay inspired. With every purchase made, Renna Jewels will donate one art kit to a child living in transitional housing.


Recycled Gold

We use 100% recycled 18-karat gold and create each of our pieces by hand.  Read more about our recycling process on ourFAQ pageWe minimize our carbon footprint by creating our jewels locally in New York City. 



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