As vast and limitless as it may be, the ocean is nothing without every droplet of rain, grain of sand, fragment of shell, or microorganism that contributes to its abundance. Through the Looking Glass is an homage to such, the minuscule inner workings of the world that keep it in equilibrium, and a reminder to examine that of ourselves. It’s about—quite literally—flipping our perspective as shown by the spinning ring series, magnifying the overlooked as the Looking Glass ring does, and discovering the unknown through the Venus Locket that reveals a hidden pearl, ultimately enabling self-growth and understanding. To demonstrate the personal nature of the experience, the pieces discretely incorporate bespoke features as a subtle nod to the wearer.

And so, here’s to finding beauty in even the smallest bits that make up the whole; to pausing and embracing the whimsy of the world; to engaging in a new enthusiasm for life. After all, “the details,” as director Wes Anderson put it, “that’s what the world is made of.”


From sketch to reality

We are incredibly proud to handcraft each of our jewels. The dedicated and skilled local craftspeople bring our thoughtful and environmentally conscious pieces to life.

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Recycled Gold

We use 100% recycled 18-karat gold and create each of our pieces by hand.  Read more about our recycling process on our FAQ page.

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