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Our Values

We believe in the communicative and emotional power of jewelry.

We are aiming to become the pre-eminant sustainable jewelry house of the modern era.  We create jewelry that is unique and feels distinctly and purposefully yours.

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Giving Back

We are proud to partner with Free Arts NYC, a local non-profit that provides art and mentoring programs to youth living in underserved communities. Now more than ever, access to the healthy escape art-making provides is crucial for children to remain resilient and stay inspired. RENNA sponsors an annual Free Arts Day where mentors are paired 1:1 for a day of art making and fun.


Mines we work with:

Ocean Diamonds

RENNAis thrilled to partner with Ocean Diamonds, which sources their diamonds not from mines but from the depths of the sea on a by request basis to

Ocean diamonds started their journey to the sea billions of years ago. They are carried along through torrent and flow by the patient power of rivers until they eventually settle between gullies or become hidden within the sea bed where they are discovered by diamond divers, off the West Coast of South Africa.

Between ferocious storms, professional divers venture out to search for diamonds, where only the strongest will have survived. Consciously sourced and carefully certified, they are then passed on to skilled artisans who either preserve their untamed nature or accentuate their brilliance.

Renna x Muzo Collaboration

We are proud to partner with Muzo Emerald Colombia, the mining company known for producing the world's most exceptional emeralds and a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. 

Located in the Boyacá region of Colombia, the Muzo emerald mine employs more than 1000 locals and has contributed significantly to the area's economic growth.  The company has modernized mining practices to ensure the health and safety of the community workers and to preserve the local environment.   Through The Muzo Foundation - an organization dedicated entirely to its CSR initiatives - Muzo has built a local canteen and opened up free health clinics.  To learn more visit

Aquamarines from the Zimbaqua Women's Mine

Zimbaqua is the first sustainable all women’s mine in Africa.  The mine’s mission is to empower women in rural communities through mining.  Employment opportunities for women in rural areas Zimbabwe are scarce.  The mine has chosen to empower these women, many of whom are single mothers, by providing them with jobs and opportunities to imporove their standard of living.  The mine works closely with community leaders in order to prioritize the education and well-being of local children.  The mine proudly represents transparency, responsibility and traceability as this is the future of responsible gem mining. 


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