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Renna Jewels x MUZO

The Muzo emerald mine, is located in Boyacá, Colombia.


With over 800 staff members MUZO is a major employer in the growing economy of the region. Their miners now enjoy better opportunities for personal and professional development and have access to training programs in muzo itself, in their head office in Bogotá and in their other branches around Colombia. 

Women were long excluded by the patriarchal system in the region but now have a say on life in the mines through direct and indirect job opportunities. Their core values include a strong commitment to the community and equal chances for both genders.


Their corporate social responsibility extends beyond the perimeter of the mines in the boyacá region. The modernization of mining practices has improved living conditions for thousands of local residents, including retired miners, women, children and disabled people who benefit from access to a community canteen and free health clinics.


Since the quality of the crystal cannot be compromised, Muzo strictly prohibits the use of aggressive mining with dynamite in the vicinity of emerald veins. They endeavor to protect the local environment through their reforestation, hydroseeding and erosion control programs. 



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